We’re debt free!

From left to right: Jay, Eli, me (Kat), Jesse, and Gabby. We are @smartsncents!

We live in Las Vegas and we love our city. #vegasstrong

Today, we finished paying off $115,956.54 of consumer debt in (3) years on a single income. Our debt consisted of $43k in credit cards, $55k in cars, $12k in 401k loans, $5k in student loans, and about $1k in cell phone leases.

Jesse is the stay-at-home dad and I work in marketing for a hotel/casino.

Jesse and I have been married for (11) years and for most of our marriage we lived the YOLO (you only live once) Vegas Edition & “keeping up with the Joneses” lifestyle accumulating a mountain of debt (big home mortgages, credit cards, student loans, fancy cars debt, loans, etc) and finally got sick and tired of living paycheck-to-paycheck when making a decent living. We had to figure out where our money was going and change our financial ways.

We dabbled in @daveramsey‘s plan back in 2015 & years before after attending a Live Event and reading Dave’s book, The Total Money Makeover book, but fell back to our old ways. We re-committed to the Baby Steps in March 2017, took Dave’s Financial Peace University, and stuck to it. Lesson: Don’t give up!

Dave Ramsey (and company) and our budget app, YNAB (@youneedabudget), were the keys to our success.

A huge thank you to Dave, the #debtfreecommunity, and #ynabcommunity for all the inspiration, motivation, and support!

Photography: @tayloredphoto
Photographer: Jessie from @theemerics
Venue: @theneonmuseumlasvegas#neonmuseum

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