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The Monthly Food Budget

We have 15 days left in the month! Will we stay within our budget?

Currently, our monthly food budget is ~$800 for (4) people; Jay doesn’t live with us as he’s 20 years old. This includes grocery shopping, the occasional eating out, vitamins/supplements (basically anything we ingest goes in this budget category, except for beer and my work lunch money; we have separate budget category just for Jesse’s beer, it’s a very touchy/controversial subject in the DFC space along with how much our food budget is).

Truthfully, there have been months this year where we’ve spent almost double this budget in a month. Yeah, going over budget happens a lot in this category. We’ve pulled from other categories to account for overspending on food and that’s been ok for us. However, I really want to focus on staying “on track” or within the goal budgeted for this category in December and monthly going into 2020.

After we paid off $115k of debt last year, this was a budget we intentionally increased, but it’s gotten a little crazy. FYI: our food budget was $800 a month during the debt-payoff period. We aren’t the best at penny-pinching in the food budget. It’s a constant work in progress. Maybe time to permanently increase the budget to $900 or $1,000. I’m ready for the “hate” mail.

Ways we are going to reach our food budget goals (that have worked for us in the past): less eating out, more meal planning, eating all the left overs, packing lunches for work/school, freezer/pantry challenges & clean-outs, and potlucks for special occasions.

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