How am I planning in 2021?


Going into 2020, I invested in a new iPad and Apple Pencil to try my hand at digital planning. The appeal of only using apps and one device to plan and stay organized seemed like the answer to get my life in order. I’m a wannabe minimalist. I found digital planning fun, but not the complete system I envisioned. I still use my iPad everyday, but not for the purpose I intended.

Work is mainly digital. My company uses Outlook to schedule meetings. I time block my work day within Outlook to stay focused; I block periods of time to focus on tasks and projects. I manage projects with a software/app called Asana. However, I found myself still going to pen and paper to list out details or for a good brain dump. There’s something about writing on real paper that feels quicker and allows my brain to retain info.

At home, our family uses a shared Google account and calendar to manage appointments. For finances, we use the You Need a Budget app. To manage shared and synced digital shopping lists, we use Apple’s Reminders app. Outside of family scheduling and grocery lists, I tend to write out my daily goals/agenda in a notebook or journal in and an old paper planner. I love looking back at paper planner archives.

With this, I’m going for a blended system of digital with paper planning in 2021 and diving into the Cloth and Paper planner pictured (not affiliated). Ordered and anxiously awaiting delivery! Am I the only one looking to balance the best of both worlds, tech and paper?