Keto Coach

If you’re following the Ketogenic Diet (Keto) — the low carb, moderate protein, high fat diet — you may be wondering if you’re doing it right. Good news, you can!

Glucose and blood testing is my preferred method of measuring my state of ketosis; blood testing is more accurate than urine strips. With just a prick of a finger (no pain at all), you can measure your ketones and glucose levels on demand.

Keto Coach is my ketone meter of choice as they are awesome, accurate, and the strips come auto-coded. Friends of Smarts n’ Cents receive a 10% discount on meter kits with this link or by using the coupon code “smartsncents” at checkout.

I started off with (and purchased) the Keto Coach Starter Kit | Blood Ketone Meter Kit which includes everything you need to start testing today!

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