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    Digital Planning

    Digital planning is a new hobby (and obsession). I’ve been fielding a lot of questions about this new benture, so why not compile an FAQ page. I learned about digital planning and was inspired by @digitallyplanning on Instagram. There is a learning curve. If you want to learn more, I suggest watching all the free Instagram and YouTube videos with the tag #digitalplanning. What iPad do you use? Apple iPad Pro 12.9, but you can use whatever iPad. I also have a @paperlike screen protector. What stylus? Apple Pencil (2nd gen) What app do I need to use for my digital planning? GoodNotes App  ($7.99) Which digital planner do you use? Pixel Planner 3.0 from Holly…

  • Minimalism

    Work Uniform

    [Life Hack] I make decisions all day at work and home. To suffer less decision fatigue, I make my work wardrobe as easy as possible. I made myself a uniform! This year, I purchased (5) black skirt suits and (5) black blouses with lint brush (lint brush not pictured, but lint is 😹). I wear black pumps with cheap, but good, black hosiery. Also, I wash and hang dry the suits (no dry cleaning bill for this gal). I don’t keep up with the work clothes trends as I’d rather spend the money on other things. My uniform has saved me so much time and money!